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A Simple Backup Tool for Small Businesses and Individuals

Second Backup is your go-to tool for backing up important files if you’re a small business with modest data backup requirements. This easy-to-use backup software can archive multiple backup copies of the same file.

Backing Up Data

Regular backup information is necessary for all people who use computers every day. Many backup solutions usually employ magnetic tape to store data. It’s a proven method, but these tape devices don’t come cheap. Moreover, the software that accompanies these tapes is complex. A more competitive and simple solution is using an external hard disk. These hard disks have evolved significantly over the years. The hard disk capacity has gone up exponentially, and disk prices have come down. Another advantage to modern external disks are availability, ease of use, and low access times. Second Backup works with such external disks. The usability is simple, and is ideal for small businesses and individuals.

Free and Easy to Use

There are currently multiple backup software choices – both free and premium options. If you do not know which kind of backup software to go with, start with free tools. If you’re using backup software for the first time, using free tools would help you ascertain what your requirements truly are. Second Backup works with external hard disks, is easy to use, doesn’t entail any training, and most importantly – it’s free. The tool doesn’t compress source files to an individual file, and the backup files stay readable. Moreover, the software’s comparison function allows you to check whether your backup was a success.


  • Easy to use
  • Holistic backup service


  • Backed up folders cannot be renamed
  • In-app purchases

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Second Backup


Second Backup 9.9.06 for PC

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